I paid for full access (24 hrs), but when I came back later(within 24 hrs) I was asked to pay again. Why is that?
Billing and verification for Nudography is done through Bango.
Each time you pay and visit this site we have to verify that you paid for your access. If you already paid for 24 hours and you know you still have time left to browse the site, but you are asked to pay again, just follow the Bango signup links and if you still have time, Bango service will redirect you back to the website free of charge.
If Bango service tells you that your 24 hours access period expired, then you'll be asked to pay for the content again.

How can I check my recent transactions on Bango?
To see your recent transactions (the last ten sites you have accessed, or paid for) go to http://bango.net on your mobile phone, select My Stuff then My History.

Which parts of this site are free?
News and Movie of the day sections are free.
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